Make Fashion Traffick-Free!

Working to end human trafficking is something all of us can do everyday. Being intentional about what we purchase can support or undermine the mission. But where do we start?

I remember a few years ago attempting a diet change. Going to the grocery store was grueling. Reading labels and trying to find new staples that fit new goals… Eventually it became clear that focusing on changing one product a at a time was a sustainable strategy.

Changing a routine is rough and if we are going to do it, we need to know the change is actually going to help. 

That’s where things like our ethically sourced chocolate and clothing postcards come in. This fall, Kelsey, a research intern through the women studies program at UNH spent hours researching and calling companies to ensure that the recommendations we make in these resources are accurate. They do not cover every possible option, but they give us a place to start. And as we get more engaged in the process, we can learn what to look for ourselves.

You can pick up these and other resources at the café. Further details from this research will be added to our webpage soon.

Bryan BessetteComment