Request the use of Café space 

If you would like to host and event at the Café, please view our events calendar to see if the space is available and fill out the application below. After checking on staff and volunteer availability, we will get back to you to confirm your request. Thank you. 

Name of Event Coordinator *
Name of Event Coordinator
Prefered Event Date *
Prefered Event Date
Second Choice Date
Second Choice Date
Event Time *
Event Time
How would you like the room to be setup? *
A/V Needs *
Beverage Service *
Option 1 = Open café bar, we will keep a tab and offer a total *recommended donation to be paid by the host at the conclusion of the event. We are happy to limit menu options to fit a budgeted amount upon request. Option 2 = Choose a selection of drinks from our carafe choice menu to be available in self-serve pump pots during your event. Option 3 = Guest will order and pay for their drinks individually.
Would you be willing to give a recommended room use fee of $25-$50? *
For events outside normal cafe hours and those that do not include a presentation about our mission to end human trafficking, we ask invite hosts to give a recommended room use fee of $25 for student groups or $50 for non-student related events. This fee is used to support staff, equipment and support continued programing at the Freedom Café.
Do you agree to abide by our equitable use policy? *
The Freedom Café subscribes to the equitable use of its facilities regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of the individuals or groups requesting use. Use of the room does not constitute an endorsement by the Freedom Café of an organization’s policies, beliefs, or presentations while in the café space. Groups may identify the Freedom Café including the use of its logo and provide its address in publicity, however groups may not imply in their advertising or during meetings that the Café sponsors or supports the meeting, group, or presentation without prior written permission from the Director.  Do you agree to abide by our equitable use policy?
Please use this section to expand on any of the previous requests and to add any information considered pertinent to your event or organization

Note: The Freedom Cafe operates on a 'name your price’ basis. Giving the recommended fair market rate supports our non-profit mission and project goals, however, as the recommended value constitutes a fair market exchange of goods and services it does not qualify as tax deductible giving. Funds given above the recommended fair market rate are eligible as tax deductible giving and are listed on receipts as a Project Fund Donation. A receipt for tax deductible donations will be issued upon request or within 2 weeks for donations over $250.