Training with Amirah Ex Director, Stephanie Clark

During our November volunteer team meeting we invited, Stephanie Clark, executive director of the Amirah Project to share about her work in the aftercare process. It was one of the most impactful training sessions we have hosted.

"You get involved in this work because you are sick and tired of not doing something about what you are sick and tired of hearing about" - Stephanie Clark

Stephanie spoke of the connection between the heroin epidemic and human trafficking, the great need for more effective aftercare opportunities (there are only 18 aftercare beds in New England for survivors of sex-trafficking, Amirah has 8 of them) and the challenge faced in the aftercare process. She shared that because there is not one fix when it comes to victim centered survivor aftercare, there is a need for individualized programs. Big load for staff. 

With humility and authentic knowing, Stephanie gave us a peek into the important work of survivor aftercare, inspiring our volunteer team to more deeply engage this issue and even consider long term work in the field.

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