Spreading the Word

From music events to seminars; in our café space, UNH lecture halls, churches, and residence halls, the Freedom Café outreach team has been spreading awareness, educating our community and raising resources to end human trafficking. Not only are we raising funds and offering grants to support efforts to end human trafficking, but we want to empower you to be part of a movement of people, businesses, and organizations that are reimagining and making obsolete systems that enable slavery to thrive.

We have recently been inspired by the way an Associated Press investigation and report led to the release of over 300 slaves rescued out of labor trafficking in Indonesia. Read about it http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/04/ap-indonesia-slaves-investigation_n_7003334.html.

It is said that even the most introverted of people will influence ten thousand others in an average lifetime. Because of the voices of consumers and the campaign efforts of our friends at STOPTHETRAFFIK, Nestle offered certified slave-free chocolate for their full line of easter candy. Both of these stories mark significant change and demonstrate ways in which we can collaborate toward a slave free world.

If you are interested in having our team present in a group that you participate, let us know.

Bryan BessetteComment