UN.Gift Box Debuts in NH at UNH

As part of a 5 week tour around New England, the United Nations Gift Box made its debut in New Hampshire in the courtyard in front of Dimond Library at UNH, April 19-23. The GIFT box is a walk-in piece of public art, symbolizing the way in which traffickers entice their victims with false promises. The outside of the box offers the “gift” of a brighter new life. Bright and beguiling, people can’t help but be intrigued. Once inside guests are confronted with a three dimensional, thought-provoking and interactive experience, introducing 3 local survivors of human trafficking.

The Goals of the GIFT Box are:

1. To make people AWARE of human trafficking
2. To EDUCATE people and GATHER INFORMATION about human trafficking


Through the Gift Box Campaign at UNH 55 trained volunteers facilitated conversations with over 2000 local community members about the realities of human trafficking and how each of us can be involved in the process of change necessary for a slave free world. We hosted a press conference that reached thousands through coverage on WMUR. 850 people signed a petition advocating for the H.R. 181 Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act which recently passed the senate. The impact of this program will resonate far beyond our week of hosting the exhibit. The Freedom Café has been asked to facilitate placement of the display in other locations. If you or an organization you are part of would be interested in hosting the campaign, let us know.

Bryan BessetteComment