The Freedom Café - Background, Inspiration & Challenges

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How To Make A Non-Profit Work with Bryan Bessette

How do you beat the odds?

By tapping into the power of the people around you.

That’s what Bryan Bessette says. He’s the founder of Freedom Cafe, a non-profit working to end human trafficking. To launch Freedom Cafe, Bryan put together a board of directors, recruited some sixty-odd volunteers from the local university, and wrangled a bunch of free equipment from a generous neighbor.

Whether you’re trying to start a socially conscious business or not, Bryan has plenty of insights to share about harnessing the power of your network and jumping in with both feet.

All new businesses face risk, but not-for-profits face especially long odds. Bryan has done something impressive with Freedom Cafe; he’s given us a model we can use and a story to aspire towards. 

On this episode of StartupCamp Stories, we’ll also learn how to balance long-term strategic thinking with action and adjustment, and Bryan’s number one piece of advice for new and would-be non-profits. Enjoy!

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