"I believe that EVERY NH teenager should hear from The Freedom Café"

We've had an exciting start to 2019 - reaching over 1500 individuals through 33 educational programs at schools, churches, and community groups around the region. These programs have spread awareness of human trafficking and empowered individuals to "help end human trafficking one conscious purchase at a time." We're looking forward to continuing this mission and reaching more people in the coming months.

Following an event with the IMPACCT program at Manchester Community College, program instructor Mimi shared, "I have a group of high school students who attend our program from all around our region. Our goal is to prepare them for their life after high school, and to help ensure that they have the skills and knowledge base necessary to be successful in whatever endeavor they choose after graduation... The presentation on Human Trafficking was substantial and well organized. It introduced my students to, what for many of them was inconceivable; modern day slavery. My students simply did not realize the wide-spread blight of human trafficking particularly in our insulated State. It also challenged them to think about the products that they buy and from what source they come, particularly child labor. I highly support and recommend The Freedom Café and the fine work that they do bringing this information to our youth. I believe that EVERY New Hampshire teenager should hear from The Freedom Café and partake of their professional call to action. " [emphasis added]

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