Fall Grant - Amirah Project

Several times per year, The Freedom Café raises funds for a competitive grant through the donations generated by its over-the-counter operations. These grants enable us to further the critical work of the anti-trafficking movement and at the same time raise awareness about the collaborative efforts needed to end human trafficking. This fall our grant is going to The Amirah Project to support survivor mentorship. In the month of September we raised $1200 toward our $3000 grant goal.

Amirah, located in the Boston area, exists to provide a refuge for women over the age of 18 who have been sex trafficked. This safe home is more than just a home; it is a place where each woman receives whole-person care as she works her way through her individualized, trauma- informed program. 

An important part of the care each survivor receives is a monthly mentoring time with a survivor leader who has worked through their own trauma and is now able to offer support, guidance and a voice of experience where the staff and other people within their lives can not.

Learn more about Amirah at http://www.amirahboston.org

Stop in for a café drink, donate what you'd typically pay and help end human trafficking one ethically sourced mug at a time!  

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