Awareness, Action & Funding!

At an estimated *150 billion dollars per year, the income generated by the human trafficking industry is the second largest source of illegal income in the world. To put that into perspective, human trafficking generates 5 times the annual income of Google, Starbucks and Nike combined! There is a major need for funding, research and frontline training to combat this global crime. Law enforcement, social work programs, health and aftercare workers are significantly under resourced and under financed.  *

This is where we come in...

It's our mission to empower the community to be part of the process of ending human trafficking and commercial exploitation through education, training and by providing a simple way to fund the important work being done to end this global crime.

Since our launch in 2013, over 200 volunteers have invested their strengths to create a vibrant organization. We have engaged well over 5,000 individuals in the learning process and raised $18,900 to fund the key pillars of the movement: awareness, prevention, legislation, intervention and aftercare. 

With your help we could easily double or triple the amount we raise for the mission this year. We know we are a little off the beaten path, but your extra effort can go a long way in this movement.

So stop by, bring friends, enjoy our amazing specialty items, join our coffee club, choose the Freedom Café as a regular part of your routine and help us end slavery 1 ethically sourced mug at a time.

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