GIFT Box, Coming to Portsmouth

With multiple cases of human trafficking right here in NH hitting the news in the past month, building community awareness and eduction about the risks and signs of human trafficking has never been more urgent. As Rob Morris, director of Love146, asks in a recent a blog post,  ( "What if they were educated at an early age on how to protect themselves and each other from the dangers of exploitation?"  Our work with the STOP THE TRAFFIC / UN.Gift*, GIFT Box program is an important element of our response this question. We are excited to be working with the Thompson School Community Leadership program to host the New England GIFT Box in Portsmouth, NH November 20-22. This collaboration has given many UNH students the opportunity to put into practice concepts of community leadership they are learning in class, and also educates them about the issues surrounding human trafficking. The GIFT Box installation will open at the corner of Vaughan Mall and Congress street on Friday November 20th with a ribbon cutting and press conference at 11am, and we invite you to join us to support this important project.

As part of our preparation for staffing the GIFT Box, we are hosting Jasmine Marino, a survivor of human trafficking whose story will be featured in the GIFT Box for an educational presentation, “A Day in the Life” on Nov. 17th, 6:30pm in MUB Theater 2.  All are welcome to attend. 

The Portsmouth Herald published an excellent write up about the Freedom Café and our upcoming project in Portsmouth. You can view it online at: 20151109/NEWS/151109165