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Dedicated to change.

The Freedom Cafe, Durham serves specialty coffee because we want to serve the very best products, providing guests a quality experience worth paying for and one that provides the highest return and investment for growers and producers throughout the supply chain.

The term specialty coffee refers to coffee made from the very best beans available in the world, which are expertly roasted by craft roasters to bring out their unique and ideal flavors. Farm Gate Pricing gives growers 'above Fair Trade minimums', and provides an simple way to verify that the good price paid makes it to the people who do the work. This is direct and transparent trade; for a high quality product worth getting instead of your regular cup of Joe.

So, turn your concern into action and buy higher quality ethically & sustainably sourced products.

You can start today right here at The Freedom Café and help end human trafficking one ethically sourced mug of specialty coffee at a time!